Shep Doniger, U.S. Media Strategist 

Whether it’s working for some of the nation’s leading political figures, at one of the world’s Fortune 100 companies or with emerging technology, financial services/payments or consumer packaged goods companies, Shep Doniger has spent nearly 30 years creating successful strategies and messaging, developed deep connections with key influencers and implemented interesting and differentiating programs that achieve the desired results for clients. 

He has helped build brands and protect the reputation of U.S. Senators and big city Mayors as well as that of the Chairman of IBM. He’s run the NY offices of two advertising/PR agencies leading accounts that included Olympus, Seiko, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Bank One. 


He’s created and run marketing events, media trained business leaders and managed crisis situations across industry sectors with a keen eye on building and protecting brands while satisfying business objectives. Shep has energized emerging consumer brands in areas as diverse as beverages, foods and technology helping them gain awareness, credibility, trial and pull/sales.

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